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Everything you wanted to know about Tulunadu traditions and the enchanting heritage of Mangalore is here. Bunts form an integral part of Tulunad with a glorious past and rich culture. Traditions are getting lost in the fast paced lifestyle of today. Many of these traditions and ways of life have come down from previous generations by word of mouth.

This site is an attempt to collect available content and make it a repository as one place for reference. Appropriate acknowledgements (where possible) have been made about the source of the article.

A mention of Mangalore is incomplete without beaches, temples and local foods ! The currently hosted content is by no means complete. It is an ongoing process to keep adding more and more to this site.

You are free to send your contributions, blogs and article improvement suggestions (write an email to mangaloreheritage.team at gmail dot com). Source of the content and author name will be fully disclosed when publishing an article. This is a non-profit initiative with the sole intent of benefitting the Bunt community worldwide. Solmelu !