Tulu fish names in English are useful to those travelling outside Tulundu. Fish is one of the staple foods in the region and people carry their food recipes throughout the globe. Fish is prepared in different styles as curries with gravy, pan roasts or fries. Check out interesting recipes of the region here

Fishing from the Arabian Sea is a traditional occupation in this region and catch is sold in the surrounding regions. Old Mangalore Port is a large fishing port located at Bunder, Mangalore, where a huge number of mechanized fishing boats anchor. 

Tulu Fish names in English

  1. Boothai – Sardine
  2. Bangude – Mackerel
  3. Kane – Ladyfish
  4. Maanji – Black Pomfret
  5. Bandase or Bondas – Squid
  6. Bolenjir – Silverfish
  7. Anjal – Kingfish or Seerfish
  8. Thaate – Shark
  9. Gengi / Dengi – Crab
  10. Yetti – Prawns
  11. Nang – Solefish
  12. Marwai – Clams / Cockles
  13. Irpe or Kari Meen – Pearlspot / Green Chromide
  14. Channadakka – Orange Chromide
  15. Thede – Catfish
  16. Thorake – Stingray
  17. Mandeli – Golden Anchovies
  18. Madimal – Pink Perch/Fin Bream
  19. Koddai – Croaker Fish
  20. Kallur – Yellow Croaker
  21. Ademeen – False Trevally / Lactarius
  22. Melugu – Butter Fish
  23. Murumeen – Reef cod
  24. Kyavaji / Themberi – Red Snapper
  25. Soddy / Swadi – Ilish / Hilsa (Source: Sudeep Shenoy’s comments in this article)
  26. Modenji – Snakehead (Source: Danny’s comments in this article)

 Fish Tawa fry made with Anjal (no 7 in the above list) in the Mangalore cuisine is my favorite. What’s yours? Do add any missing names in the comments section.

If you are not somebody who likes to cook or mess with fish and are still a foodie. Here are some of the famous seafood restaurants in Mangalore (in no particular order!) – Machali, Giri Manjas, Narayana’s, Anupama, Madhuvan’s Village, Gajali, Mangala at Moti Mahal, Hotel Ashwini, Gutthu