Local Foods from Mangalore are a unique cuisine with specialties that carry nostalgia and beautiful memories for many. Some of these are seasonal in nature considering availability of certain fruits at a certain time (like Jackfruits) or leaves (like Colocasia) or fishing season (not available during monsoon). Maintaining authenticity is the key and each of them carry their unique blend of spices & flavors. 

India is a land of diversity and it is said that foods have changes & variations every 100 kms. The ones hosted on this website are specific to the Tulunadu region ranging from Kundapur, Udupi, Kudla (Mangalore) and North Kasargod. Mangalorean dishes tend to be spicy, with lots of coconut and fresh seafood. A vibrant melting pot of different communities, Mangalorean Catholics’ Sanna-Dukra Maas (Sanna – idli fluffed with toddy or yeast; Dukra Maas – Pork), Pork Bafat, Sorpotel and the Mutton Biryani of the Muslims are well-known dishes. Street foods are also popular here.  

These Mangalore Local Foods are your one stop shop of all delectable foods of the region. Click on the photo or the link below to get a detailed view of the recipe and a video to help you prepare it.


Local Foods list


Mangalore Buns

Goli Baje

Neer Dosa

Kori Rotti

Pelakai Gatti

Chicken Ghee Roast

Biscuit Roti

Egg Stumbler


Marvai Pundi

Bangude Pulimunchi


Manjal Irredha Gatti

Arepuda Adye

Ragi Manni

Chicken Sukka

Pelakai Garige


Mango Curry

Ripe Mango Curry

Dry Fish Chutney

Dry Fish Chutney

Sarneda Adde Payasa

Sarneda Adde Payasa




Bajil bella-tharai

Egg drop curry

Egg Drop Curry

Menthe Ganji

Menthe Ganji

Raw mango pickle

Raw Mango pickle

fish tawa fry

Fish Tawa Fry



Tulu fish names in English

Tulu Fish names in English