Bengre Beach in Mangalore is the point where Netravathy river meets the sea and makes for enchanting scenery. The Gurpur river runs in a southerly direction and joins river Netravathy at its mouth near Mangalore fishing dock. A narrow sand spit separates the Gurupur river from the Arabian sea. Bengre beach is situated at the north end of the River Netravathy-Gurpur estuarine.

This is not a crowded tourist destination and not so well developed in terms of facilities, but locals go there to enjoy the quiet scenery. There are two options to reach Bengre Beach:

  • By Passenger Ferry from Dakke – the Harbor or Mangalore’s Fishing Dock.
  • By Tannirbhavi Road – its the road which is used to reach Tannirbhavi beach and continues till Bengre. There are few infrequent local buses along this route. Its best to can use private transport.

The ferry currently charges five rupees per person. After crossing the river, its a couple of kms walk to the beach. The fishing community in Mangalore live in this part of town. The ferry service is operational till 10 pm everyday.

Once you get into Bengre Beach, you will not find any restaurants, but there are petty shops all over. Its better to go prepared with basics like water, snacks and drinks. The beach has a thin shoreline and water is dangerous to step into. The land is protected by rocks and concrete boulders to prevent erosion.

The Bengre beach was known to have trash since its not maintained like a tourist spot. Several clean-up drives by volunteer citizen groups is helping to keep the place clean. 

Sunset Point at Bengre Beach

What makes the visit to this beach worthwhile is natural sunset scenery and nature’s bounty at a point where river meets the sea. Sunset Point is a wonderful spot to get an uninterrupted view of the sea and sun. In the post monsoon time, you can see a bunch of peacocks lounging around the place as well. If you like a quiet place with less crowd and scenic views, this is the beach to go to.

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See this map if you would like to go there by road