Malpe is one of the well-developed beaches of the region and is located 66 kilometers north of Mangalore along the National Highway. This beach is situated at the mouth of the Udyavara River. This river flows around the beach and is referred to as the Malpe River by the locals. Malpe is one of the large ports in Karnataka, and has a sizable population engaged in fisheries, tile manufacturing, and coconut related.

The Malpe coastline has four rocky islands. Among these St. Mary’s Island is the most popular one and connected by ferry for tourists. This is the first beach to get free wifi facilities available 24 x 7. See this news clip.

The best time to visit Malpe beach is between October to January when the weather is pleasant and the skies are clear. It is best to avoid during monsoons and the hot, humid summer season.  

Water sports at Malpe Beach

Malpe is a clear beach with white sand which makes it ideal for swimming and long walks. It offers water sports, adventure sports, and the guests can also take a boat ride to the nearby backwaters. Malpe offers one of the best water sports in the calm waters with pleasant weather. The Water Sports facilities available are Jet Ski or Water Scooter Rides, Parasailing, Banana Rides, Speed Boat Rides, Bumpi Rides, Speed Boat Cruise to St. Mary’s Island, Surfing. The waters are calm and the adventure activities are pretty safe. You can also take surfing lessons from experts at the beach and enjoy the marine life of Malpe.

Malpe Beach Seawalk

This is a relatively new landmark added at Malpe beach Tourists cannot afford to miss walking on the Sea Walkway to feel amid the sea. There is water on either side of the Sea Walkway and you face the majestic Arabian Sea. You can see St. Mary’s Island and Bhadargad Island at a distance from the Sea Walkway Point.

This Sea Walkway ends in the midst of the sea and recreates a breathtaking view.

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