Kottige is usually made by Tuluvas on festive occasions as offerings to the Lord, but is prepared all year round in Mangalore. ‘Kottige’ is also known as ‘Khotto’ and it is called ‘Gunda’ in Konkani. It is a favorite for breakfast and goes well with Coconut Chutney and Sambar. During lunch or special dinners where non-vegetarian food is served, it is relished along with Kori Gassi (Chicken curry).

Idli with earthy flavor

It is essentially idli batter steamed in mini leaf cups woven with four Jackfruit leaves pinned together using sharp pieces of coconut leaf stick (sinkiri in Tulu). The Jackfruit leaves lend an earthy flavour to the Idlis and the taste is way better than the regular Idli. The nutrition imparted from the leaves make it a healthier option than plain idli.

Some cooks prefer this to avoid the tedious process of cleaning an idli steamer! Abundant availability of Jackfruit leaves in the coastal region makes it easy.

The batter for Kottige is exactly the same as idli and this article will not detail out the recipe. You can refer to the photo gallery to understand the steps to make a mini basket with jackfruit leaves.


Steps to make mini-cup for Kottige