Surathkal Beach is counted amongst the most frequented beaches in the Mangalore. Located in the peaceful suburbs of Surathkal (about 17 kms north of Mangalore town along the National Highway), the place basically is most visited by college students from educational institutions nearby – NITK being the most prominent among them. Many students from these educational institutions carry beautiful memories of the beach. 

At this beach, a lighthouse constructed in 1972, sits on a rocky hillock. You can visit this lighthouse between 4 pm and 5 pm to enjoy spectacular views of the countryside and the sea. Surathkal beach is well known for its cleanliness and well maintained like other beaches in Mangalore. The best time to visit is during November‑February when the heat and humidity is tolerable.

The sunsets here are breathtaking and definitely worth the drive from Mangalore. As this beach isn’t frequented by tourists often, there are few options for those wanting to engage in activities like water sports.

If you are a morning person, visit here at dawn to see fishermen from the nearby villages embarking on a sea journey on their fishing boats. The scene looks amazing and is an experience in itself. There’s also an ancient Sadashiva Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, on a hillock. This conch-shaped temple is surrounded with four ponds the water of which is considered very sacred. Moreover, there are awesome views of the sea from this temple near Surathkal Beach.


You can get there using this map