Bisu Parbha is one of the important festivals of the Tuluva culture,, especially the farming community of the coastal districts because it is related to agriculture which thrives in light. Light revolves around welcoming new life and hence, Bisu Parbha marks a new beginning in life. It is a harvest festival where new crops are brought home to worship. Rice, coconut, cucumber, gold items, fruits and areca nut are offered during the pooja. The farmers usually show their gratitude towards the landowners during Bisu, with the landowners helping them in return.

Bisu Parbha is significant as it welcomes the first crop into the household. Celebrations galore in the Tulu region as this festival is being celebrated by every Tuluva be it Bunts, Billavas or Mogaveeras. According to the Solar calendar, the first day of the Tuluva new year falls on April 14th, while the Chandramana Ugadi (Lunar Calendar) is celebrated in March. It is the period of transition of seasons, where ‘Suggi’ culminates and the month of ‘Paggu’ commences as per Tulu Calendar. It is customary that on this day, farmers take up agricultural operation for the summer crop.

As a part of the celebrations, farmers who grow vegetables during this season regale in the glory of the vegetables they have grown. They arrange it in such a way that they fill their homes and later offer prayers to God for the bounty of nature. They then go to the houses of their relatives and neighbours and celebrate Bisu Parbha by having lunch together.


Lunch during Bisu Parbha

 Sumptuous festive lunches with many vegetarian varieties are served in plantain leaves during Bisu Parbha. Items served may include Uppu (salt), Uppinakai (Pickle), Mullusouthe pacchodi, Hesrubele Kosambri, Alasande Palya, Geruthende Uppukari, Moode – Tenginakai halu, Hesru -Sauthe Gasi, Gujje – Kadle Palya, Rice, Hurulisaru, Pappad, Mango curry, Sauthe sambar, Badanegojju, bendekai majjige huli, halasina hannu chandurli, holige, Hesrubele payasa, balehannu podi, Jigujje podi, genasu podi, Majjige and Halasina Hannu (jackfruit).